Benefits of Installing Tubular Skylights

September 10th, 2015 by OCG Creative

tubular skylights from outside installedRegardless of the size of your home or business, natural light is high on the list of must-haves for owners. Bringing in natural light to a residence or business, known as daylighting, offers a myriad of benefits not found with other, artificial light sources. While most individuals interested in daylighting know about the availability of residential skylights or custom skylights, tubular skylights are gaining traction for a variety of reasons. First, let’s examine what a tubular skylight is and how tubular skylights work.

Tubular Skylight System

As an alternative to conventional residential skylights and custom skylights, tubular daylighting devices can bring a great deal of natural light into a home or business. A tubular skylight, also known as a sun tunnel, are types of skylights that allow direct daylight into a home or business. Sun tunnel skylights are installed between the roof and ceiling and utilize a tubular shape to capture light from the outside and bring it indoors. Sun tunnels provide a great deal of light to areas of the home or business that are not impacted by a skylight window or other sources of natural daylight.

Sun tunnel skylights have reflective cylinders or pipes attached to a plastic, clear dome. The unique construction of tubular skylights allows light to be diffused at the bottom of the tube so that only a soft glow is allowed in. While tubular daylighting devices differ from traditional skylight window options, their benefits are similar.

The Benefits of Daylighting with Tubular SkylightTubular skylight installeds

Natural daylight is necessary for each of us, each day, but living or working in an environment where daylight is stifled can make it difficult for get our fill consistently. Tubular skylights bring daylight indoors, allowing rooms to be filled with natural light that is proven to enhance mood, increase productivity and reduce overall stress levels.

In addition to its unique health benefits, round skylights or bubble skylights – other names for tubular daylights – can save homeowners and business owners on energy costs. Conventional types of skylights allow for a reduction in energy used to light rooms, but heat and cooling may become less efficient over time as light enters and exits the home each day. Tubular skylights are more streamline and provide the same amount of brightness with the added benefit of diffusion of light based on their design.

Finally, round skylights/bubble skylights do not require as much of an investment as traditional skylights, as there is often no need to change the structure of a home or business in order to properly install them.

The increase of natural daylight within otherwise dark or dimly light spaces can have positive effects on your health, your productivity, and your home or business’ energy efficiency. If you are seeking out a cost-effective way to increase the natural light in your home or business, tubular skylight systems are a smart choice.

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