Solatube Discount Offer!

December 10th, 2014 by OCG Creative

30% off on Solatube Daylighting System Installation

Now is the time to consider replacing your roof. Leaks and creaks only lead to more complications later on if not fixed. Right now at JC Roofing we’re offering 30% off on Solatube Daylighting installations when you replace your roof.

What is a Solatube Daylighting System?

Simply put, a Solatube Daylighting System brings natural light to a dark room. This leak proof design conveys a pleasantly new aesthetic to your home, driving down energy costs, while improving the value of your home. These fixtures are different from normal skylights in that they redirect captured light into the home rather than a structurally framed and finished portal directly connecting to the outside. In addition a Solatube Daylighting system is maintenance free, where a traditional skylight will require internal and external cleaning of the window. Solatube Daylighting benefits from being more adaptable than traditional skylights because they can fit into small spaces.

Check out why Solatube is a worthy investment in the video below:

from Solatube International on Vimeo.


Lower Energy Bill

No Structural Changes

Fits into smaller spaces

Helping the environment

Increasing the value of your home

Improved living space